Chart: Stack with fixed height


I have a chart with 5 series. Those show the update timestamps of sensors in my home. Currently, I am using a stacked bar chart but that does not look that good.

What I would prefer to have is that the series are stacked so that each has a fixed height in the chart. Basically like this:

(the labels do not have to be on the left side, it is enough to have colored dots in the chart)

This way, it would be easier to see the interval of each sensor.

Is that possible, maybe with a plugin?


Figured it out by doing a small hack.

I changed it to non-stacked and used dots instead of bars.

Since each of my series has its own influxDB query, I just added the match function to each query and multiply the value depending on the height of the series on the graph.

The result is this:

(I also set the axis range from 0.1 to 5 so that all the dots with value 0 are not shown)