Chart ok - but I can not see any single data when I go on chart

Dear all,

I have this workflow:
ESP8266 (with ESPEasy and sensor) => MQTT => Node-Red => InfluxDB => Grafana

When I go on the chart I can see the time but no single data (see screenshot).
I am not able to implement an alert becaus of “no data” => maybe the same problem!?

(Grafana v6.5.1)

Please help!

Why the DISTINCT() in your SELECT?

The only way I get a graph is with DISTINCT (). What would be the typical / best query method?

I am a beginner and I have tried everything. But at this point I don´t know what to do…


Using MIN(), MEAN() or MAX() would make much more sense. Use one of those functions.

Thanks for the hint!

Now I use telegraf and changed the data type to float.

The problem was that the data was sent as a string…

Thank you so much!