Changing the layout of Grafana


I am running several research projects for the small size factories. We have been testing Grafana with them to visualize and monitor their factory data. However, we find that the current interface and sheer number of options are too over whelming for factory workers. It is essential to simplify the current user interface. As example:

  • They shall not be required to create queries, select database, etc. They shall be just able to select the variable from a list they want to visualize. Is it possible to remove/hide the entire pannel at the bottom?

  • They shall be able to make the Legend visible or hide it. Their is no need for them to select all the customization options and so shall not be available/visible. Is it possible to remove/hide those options?

I have a competent team of developers, but before giving them this task I would like to know if it is possible by tapping into the APIs and Open Source.

Thanks for the help.

Just don’t give them editing rights, and let the admins configure everything. That way they won’t see the inner working of the panels and they will just have the visualisation with the basic options.

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