Changing Metrics for a graph

So i am kind of new to grafana, and I wanted to only show specific interfaces in the graph, not just one. So I know /*./ shows all of them but how do you wildcard a specific set of interfaces… Example here…

How would i show all interfaces that are like this “ae0 - ifInOctets” in my head it would look like this… /ifinoctets/

Any help would be appreciated.


Are you using template variables with regular expression?


Sorry for late response, Im not sure what you mean. Attached is a screen shot of what i am trying to change. to show only specific interfaces.


What datasource are you using?


Im using zabbix and prometheous. Also im trying to show multiple interface on 1 query

I got this to work, but i would like to do something like /ae1 - ifOut*/&/ae1 - IfIn*/ but that doesn’t work


Glad you manage to get it to work.

According to Zabbix plugin for Grafana documentation there’s support for multiple series using regex - have you read this?