Change the date output at the bootom

the Picture enclosed
at the bottom the Date is like 05/10 05/26 for me more correct would be 10.05 26.05
or 10.Mai 26.Mai

is there a place to change it?

Check this out in default.ini

# For information on what formatting patterns that are supported

# Default system date format used in time range picker and other places where full time is displayed
full_date = YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

# Used by graph and other places where we only show small intervals
interval_second = HH:mm:ss
interval_minute = HH:mm
interval_hour = MM/DD HH:mm
interval_day = MM/DD
interval_month = YYYY-MM
interval_year = YYYY
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@yosiasz worked perfect - thanks a lot.
just defaults.ini with a s a the end to find the file :wink:
have a nice day

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