Change profile picture in Grafana

Exactly as asked in How to change profile picture in Grafana?I want to change my profile picture in Grafana but I don’t find how to change it.

The answer there is “Sign up on and upload a picture there”, which is what I did, and got:

Thank you for joining Gravatar. We need to confirm your email address. Please click the link below.

Continue to Gravatar

I clicked the link, but was only told that my password expired and need to reset, yet, while doing it, I’m getting:

Unable to reset password
I’m sorry, but we weren’t able to find a user with that login information.

What should I do now?
Double-check your spelling.
Trying entering another email address you can access into the password reset form.
Confirm you have a account and not
Check your registration email for the correct login.
Did you change your registered email address? Use the new address.

I.e., the link becomes Lost Password ‹ — WordPress, and I had never registered any WordPress account with my Grafana email.

What should I do now?