Change in Attribute functionality in v6. How to work around it?

I use Grafana to pull and visualize data from OpenNMS via the default NMS datasource plugin. Stuff works well as expected but when attempting to upgrade from 5.4.5 to 6.3.5, a good portion of our graphs broke. A bit of troubleshooting uncovered one change in behavior when configuring Graph Attributes.

We have several cases where we either apply some simple math (eg. “100 - $value”) or aggregate multiple sources/attributes to show the total. Until now, this was super simple to do by defining multiple attributes and then “hiding” the actual attribute by clicking the Eye icon for each attribute. The Attribute kept working and pulling data and we used Expression attribute to apply the actual math and present it in Graph.

However, with version 6, the eye icon completely disables that attribute so there is no data to work with in Expression.

In some cases, we were funneling data to a Singlestat, in others we just modified them and showed as multiple attribute graph.

Given the datasource (NMS) and the fact that we have so much history data present, I’m really trying to figure out how to bring back that functionality, rather than changing the data form at a source.

Does anyone have ideas how to get around this?