Change Apptitle and Favicon in grafana

We are facing the issue that after upgrading from Grafana OSS image 9.0.0-beta-ubuntu to 9.4.3-Ubuntu, the favicon that we have set by copying image to
/public/img/fav32.png and /public/img/icon.png is not reflecting on Safari ( version 16.3 ). It is showing the grafana_icon.svg that was set similarly by copying a svg image to /public/img/grafana_icon.svg.

Along with that we are setting the App Title by using sed command while building the docker image
sed -i -e “s#[[.AppTitle]]#Monitor#”
This was working previously ( v 9.0.0-beta grafana oss) but now for both Chrome and Safari it is not working.

Reverting to the old image also doesn’t seem to work.
Does anyone has any idea about this ?

Hi @anurag15,

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You can check this post which explains some good resources as how to customize the Grafana UI

:I hope this helps.