Carbon-relay-ng docs when viewing a Graphite instance are out of date

When viewing a Graphite instance in your Grafana Cloud account, the sample configuration for carbon-relay-ng no longer works for the release. The v1.0 release introduces a new aggregationFile option that is required when using the grafanaNet output, or else you get this error:

NewGrafanaNetConfig: could not read aggregationFile "": read .: is a directory

The config buried within the Grafana Cloud docs is correct and links to the latest version, so ideally this would be used to update the docs shown when viewing a Graphite instance.

Have also raised Better handling when aggregationFile isn't defined · Issue #469 · grafana/carbon-relay-ng · GitHub around improving the error handling if this new config option isn’t defined.

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Thanks for catching that @indygriffiths1 - I’ll make sure we update this within the Graphite instance itself.