Can't use empty password for mysql data source

I am new to Grafana, and I would like to create a dashboard of the public data available in the Ensembl public MySQL services

These databases are accessible at hostname: with user: anonymous and no password. However when I try to provide a blank password as credentials, I get the error ‘‘anonymous’@‘’ (using password: YES)’

Any suggestions?


Interesting. Could you please create an issue for this at Grafana Github repository? Thanks


Hi. Did someone have a workaround on this? I’m also new in Grafana and tried this public database ensembldb. I do not have a database to try on Grafana. I prefer to try some public database (with data already) to familiarize in Grafana UI and querying.

Hi, @tomhodder - FYI I get that same response when trying to connect directly to that host using mysql client from the command-line, so I suspect this is not a Grafana issue.

Did you ever resolve this connection problem? I’m stumped.


FWIW: I figured out my issue and I bet it is your too.

In my case, I happened to have created a mysql configuration file, ~/.my.conf, which provided a default password for ALL connections. This was a bad idea ©. Removing it allowed the connection to proceed.