Can't sign plugin using Grafana with Docker

I tried install this plugin to Grafana from github:

I cloned this repository to pligins folder then added plugin to my grafana container:

  image: grafana/grafana
    - '3000:3000'
    - GF_PATHS_CONFIG="grafana/etc/grafana.ini"
    - GF_PLUGINS_ALLOW_LOADING_UNSIGNED_PLUGINS=vertamedia-clickhouse-datasource,vertamedia-chtable
    - GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=grafana-piechart-panel,grafana-worldmap-panel,vertamedia-clickhouse-datasource,vertamedia-chtable

Then when I tried create new dashboard panel using this plugin get error with message:

An unexpected error happened
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘emit’ of undefined

Grafana version: Grafana v7.4.3 (010f20c1c8)

My plugin is unsigned. How I can fix this error and use this plugin?