Can't send messages to Telegram

I have an issue withTelegram plugin

BOT API Token = 769…501:AAEzUP…kf9G-kU
Chat ID = 125…001

When I send message using telegram API as

It works good

But when I try to send rest message from Alerting Edit Notification page, i see that error in logs:

INFO←[0m[12-16|01:28:02] Sending telegram notification [32mlogger←[0m=alerting.notifier.telegram ←[32mchat_id←[0m=125…001 ←[32mbot_token←[0m=769…501:AAEzUP…dkf9G-kU ←[32mapiAction←[0m=sendMessage←[31m
EROR←[0m[12-16|01:28:24] Failed to send webhook←[31mlogger←[0m=alerting.notifier.telegram ←[31merror←[0m="Post
bot769…501:AAEzUP…dkf9G-kU/sendMessage: dial tcp connectex: A connection attempt failed because the connected party d
id not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond."

For my opinion, it seems that plugin doesn’t insert the CHAT_ID parameter. But may be I’m wrong

How can I solve that issue?

Wait a bit.
It seems to be due to Russian global firewall (Telegram is restricted in Russia)
I’ll check later

Yep. My fault. I used Chrome proxy app, so Telegram seemd to be fully worked for me. But Grafana doesn’t use Chrome. Now I configured system proxy and all works good.
I definitely had to buy yellow duck.

BTW, on behalf of all Russian users, is it possible to add feature of proxy settings (IP, port, username, password) to the Telegram plugin? Telegram is (officially) blocked in Russia, so, all users had to use proxies to continue using it.

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