Can't console log inside a data source backend plugin

I am developing a data source backend plugin but the logs from console.log don’t seem to show up in Chrome developer tools.
to reproduce the problem, follow the instructions here, and add a console log inside onConstantChange method from src/QueryEditor.tsx file.
I am using grafana 9.0.6, node 16.14.0 and yarn 1.22.17

Is there some setting that disables logging? How could I get the logs to show up? (i don’t have any logging filters applied in developer tools)

Building with yarn build results in console.log statements being swallowed. If you build using yarn dev you should see the log statements of the frontend code in your browser.

The log statements of your backend code however will never appear in your browser, because its a separate process running on the Grafana server and not in the browser environment.