Can't Change Display Name in a StatusMap Panel

When I create SatusMap panel, I can’t figure out how to edit the Display Name. On the right where I have all my editing options, I see no option to change the name. The default for my Display Name is the entire response dictionary, which has a bunch of labels. As such, it is super long and prevents me from seeing my data. How do I edit or truncate down the display name in a StatusMap panel?

When I am editing a Status History panel, which is a very similar panel type, the editing options on the right have a “Standard Options” section which allows me to edit “Display Name.” Where is the “Display Name” editing option for a StatusMap?

Hi @jesse8

I’m assuming that you are using the StatusMap 3rd party plugin? I’m not sure if that plugin is still being maintained…

Have you explored using the new core Status History panel in Grafana 8?