Cannot use render for graphana-5.1.0(new format)


A’m running grafana-5.1.0 on Centos 7.4.
In the past I used Version 4.4.2, I used the link: https://mydomain/grafana/render/dashboard/db/hadoop-overview?orgId=1 to create the file png.

But after using graphana-5.1.0 I can not create png file using render.
I tried the new format: https://mydomain/grafana/render/d/000000083/hadoop-overview?orgId=1 ender but work.

Any help will be highly appreciable


Hi, I suggest upgrading to latest Grafana v5.2.0. We did a lot of changes to render and scrollbars in Grafana 5.1.3.


Hi Marcus

I will try new version like you suggest and feedback later.
Tks you so much.