Cannot select variables from table (Postgresql)

I have Variable Names which stores all column names.
Names = {“col 1”, “col 2”, “col 3”}
I want to make request like SELECT $Names FROM MyTable
Generated SQL: SELECT 'col 1' FROM MyTable;
but I got error: Value column must have numeric datatype, column: ?column? type: string value: col 1
When I manually change quotes on double quotes it works but I don’t want to change this every time.
SELECT "col 1" FROM MyTable; works.
I tried to use {Names:doublequote} but it also doesn't work. SQL: `SELECT {Names:doublequote} FROM MyTable`

Generated SQL: SELECT {col 1, col 2} FROM MyTable
What I need to do?

I used version 6.7.3, while ‘singlequote’, ‘doublequote’, ‘sqlstring’ was added in version 7.0.0-beta1