Can you shift dimension in the the same graph?

I am searching for a way to shift between dimensions.

Let’s say i have 4 dimensions.

  • Total
  • Location
  • Version
  • unit

I would like to have a graph showing the total, if i then see a spike i would like shift to location or version if the spike is related to either. Unit would be the most fine grained dimensions showing hundreds of cases.

So it would not possible to have all showing at the same time as the lines will be too many, it would also not be ideal to have 4 dashboards.

I would have hoped for a dropdown to select which dimension (layer) should be active.

Any idea how to showcase this?



Welcome @kimckobberoe

What is your datasource? And please provide sample data if possible or schema of data

Datasource is Geneva Metric.

Here is some sample data, how it looks:

I can add the 4 views as 4 different data sources. Then it would be nice if you from the UI can shift between the data sources

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Does geneva allow for creation of stored procedures then you pass it parameter of dimension selected then query that data point based on that? Instead of 4 views

I could use the KQL-M option, but i do not know how to get the selected dimension and parse it. Or even giving the user the option of selecting a parameter for the input of the KQL-M query (running on top of the metric)

Does geneva provide a rest api to do queries

Or have a key value for the variable with the query being the value

I am not sure, given this is a metric it is just collected as time goes by. The it should be a query on top of the metric.

Not sure this is possible, but filtering on the client (Grafana) sounds perhaps possible.

In that case the query runs for all dimensions then filter down further on grafana side sounds doable

Do you have a link to documentation how to do this?