Can you combine data from multiple series?


I am new to InfluxDB and Grafana and am a little stuck on how to setup my series for multiple sensors. I am currently using NodeRED to send multiple parking sensors’ data to InfluxDB, and am stuck on how I should format them in my database. I currently have two different kinds of series: one where all sensors are in the same series and the device ID is how I can identify the different sensors and the other kind of a series named after the device ID.

I have been trying to display a sum of all occupied and vacant sensors, but I keep running into issues. I have tried counting the last entries from /placepod.*/, but it is not working. I have also tried using GROUP BY, but it seems like NodeRED isn’t inputting the data as tags and is doing fields instead. Here is a screenshot of my series and data:

How do you suggest that I import and display data coming from multiple parking sensors? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


You can try to use InfluxDB continuous queries to achieve your goal. With that you can create a new measurement that content the sum of all occupied and vacant sensors.