Can the "http-debug=full" flag also work for setup() and teardown()?

Hello, I have noticed that the requests made in the setup() and teardown() functions of k6 do not get logged when the flag “http-debug” is set to “full”. Is there some other value other than full for this? If not, could this maybe get added to the current behavior of full?

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:

Hello @jfiola and welcome to the k6 community :tada:

I’m pretty sure setup group gets logged by --http-debug=full options, just like any other group.
Here is the test:

import http from 'k6/http';

import { sleep } from 'k6';

export function setup() {

    console.log("that was setup")


export default function() {

    console.log("and this is VU code")


When I run it, I see


Since I do not have specific name for VU code (and no groups there), I got 2 requests logged, 1 is setup,
2nd is my VU code.
Could you try this one experimental test and tell me what do you get? Because no --http-debug=full setup() logs is something I have never witnessed myself.