Can I write a story in text, that references vaIues I have queried? That would best visualise my data

We have a well function Grafana Cloud based system in our business, with our goals often to demonstrate to clients what’s going on using mostly the Graph panel.

For a more curious case, I’m trying to figure out the best way to convey how things are calculated, what’s measured, aggregated, etc.

After flowcharting a few different things, I’ve come to the conclusion that literally writing out a narrative, a description, using text and queried variables.

How do I best achieve this?

I’m quite new so maybe this is rudimentary, but I’d love to just write out: "As A goes to B, we are watching “var” and summing it with “var2”, this gives us “var3” over a period of “time”.

I think it’s the healthiest way to display the data, the flowsheets are confusing as they feed back and the like.

Thanks for your input.

I’m using Grafana 6.

That’s an interesting approach! You could try the following:

  1. Create a set of template variables that are based on the queries you want to execute - i.e. have the values you’d like to display in your text. These variables can be set to hidden.
  2. Create a text panel, and use the variables in your text. Their values should be substituted when the text is displayed.