Can I implement a completely custom time progression in live graph?

[Grafana v 8.1.5, Linux 5.4.0-88-generic #99-Ubuntu SMP]

I want to implement something unusual in a Grafana live line graph and am trying to find out whether that’s even possible.

Namely I would like the graph to tick along as new logs arrive in Loki and not as real time progresses.

My logs arrive in fixed intervals of a few real time seconds and contain metrics about a computer game. These metrics are about resources etc. within the domain of the game (resource, population, etc.). They contain custom time stamps which make sense within the game’s logic, but do not correspond to real time. A timestamp consists of “cycle” (int), “day” (int) and “partial day” (float). I could create valid timestamps by having all timestamps be on a fixed day and hour, set “cycle” as minute, “day” as second and “partial day” as millisecond. So a useful time range in my dashboard would be zoomed in to show a few minutes In this fake real time.

Here’s the thing: I would like my line graph to advance as new logs with new metrics arrive. When the game is paused, no logs arrive and the graph should not advance.

So far I have found nothing in the UI or Grafana’s docs implying that this would even be possible.

I’m wondering, if there’s a way to circumvent Grafana’s time concept and still achieve my purpose. Maybe by writing a plugin?

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