Can I color my text in unified alerting?

Hi, I was wondering if or how this can be done?

This is my “Summary” input:

• Luchtvochtigheid BINNEN: {{ printf "%.1f" $values.F0.Value }} %

• Temperatuur BINNEN: {{ printf "%.1f" $values.F1.Value }} °C

• Temperatuur BUITEN: {{ printf "%.1f" $values.F2.Value }} °C

• Barometer: {{ printf "%.0f" $values.F3.Value }} mbar

And this is how the output looks like:

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 19.05.46

Can I give the text a different color or even the values?

Extra question, when the “barometer” value in this example is equal or higher than 1000 mbar it gets printed like 1.022k mbar. How can I make it look like this: 1022 mbar.


@bertschel the color of the text isn’t configurable. You can submit a feature request to have the dev team consider it. We use github discussions for feature requests:

I tested this out and it worked for me so unfortunately I can’t say what might be different. I’m using Grafana 9.3.6

Input value:

Annotation formatting:
Barometer: {{printf "%.0f" $values.B.Value}} mbar

Output value in alert:
Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 1.59.10 PM

Hi, thx for the response. Already figured out the text formatting earlier, coloring request won’t be necessary.