Can Grafana work with data that is fed on an irregular basis, and with only 1 sample per day?

I hope I’ve a simple question, however I could not find an answer for it in the Grafana docs nor at the internet :frowning:

What is the minimum amount of samples per time period that Grafana requires?

My use case: I process the number of tickets created per day. This results in 1 sample per day, for e.g. the number of tickets opened and closed. To make it more complex; the ticket processing happens on an irregular basis (it’s done manually). Sometimes daily, but at different times, it takes more then one week, before the data for the last week (7 days) gets processed, but when that happens the data for the days being processed becomes available almost at the same time.

So the data feed is very irregular! Is this OK for Grafana?
When this is OK for Grafana;

  • What database to use (mysql)?
  • What should be the format of the fields, ;;?
    ** What is the format of , unix epoch seconds?

Is there a description for a similar case?

Looking forward to the answer. Thanks in advance!

Anyone that can help me out with this question?
Is the question maybe unclear, or perhaps too simple, is that why it did not get answer, yet?

Your answer will be appreciated.


Let’s try it one more time.
Anyone that can help me out with this question?

Let me know how I can improve my question, or whether my question is inappropriate so I don’t need to wait to long for an answer.

To be honest, it is disappointing that no one steps in, to provide an answer or directions.

Looking forward to you, that want to help me!

Why you just dont try it yourself? DIY. And then ask more specific question about problems, which you discovered. Now your topic is too broad.