Can check show the number of successes when result is 100%?

When Check encounters failures, it gives a percentage of success followed by a count of successes and a count of failures:

99% — ✓ 3134 / ✗ 2

Can Check also give this total when the result is 100% success? As in:

100% — ✓ 3136 / ✗ 0


100% — ✓ 3136

This would be a quick and easy way to get a count of each different request I’m sending to use in post-execution data validation.

To clarify: each of my iterations is sending up to 10 requests, so the standard metrics are not specific enough for me to get this info.



Update: I found a workaround by putting a “fake” check which counts successes:

check(sms_xml_res1, {
  'Send Message Request - SMS XML - status was 200': (r) => r.status === 200,
  'Send Message Request - SMS XML - count of successes:': (r) => r.status != 200,

…which gives usable output:

✓ Send Message Request - SMS XML - status was 200
✗ Send Message Request - SMS XML - count of successes:
 ↳  0% — ✓ 0 / ✗ 24897
✓ Send DLR Request - SMS XML - response was 200

I’d rather simply be able to force the check to give the tally whether or not there are failures.

hi @RonFeldman, welcome to the forum and sorry for the slow response.

There is currently a PR in a progress to make it possible to change the summary output programmatically (among other things) that will let you do this soon. I am gonna link you there as well for consideration as we will likely write the current output using this new way.

This is suppose to land in v0.30.0 which is supposed to be released in the week after this one :crossed_fingers:

edit: I added an issue

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Thanks, that’s great to hear!

P.S. A drawback to my workaround is that the metric that summarizes checks = 50% success when there is 100% success, but I’m still getting the info I need for data validation.