Calculate the estimated power usage for one year


I’m still about to learn using Grafana and so far it I could manage to get my tasks done via this greate community by only reading the posts and answers of other. But here I’ve got something maybe you could help me out or point me into the right direction.

I am calculation my estimated power consumption by the follwing maths:

((sum(sum_over_time(kasa_power_load[30d])) /240 /1000) + (sum(sum_over_time(homematic_power[30d])) /240 /1000)) * 12

This sums the power of my Kasa power plugs of the last 30 days plus the sum of my homematic power plugs. The database so far has values for the last 4 Month roughly.
To get a more accurate estimation of the total power consumption for one year, I’d like to sum all of these values I have in the database so far and interpolate it to one year.

I could simply change the time range to 1y but I don’t know the get the right multiplier.

if I have 4 month of data, the multiplier would be 3, if I have 6 month, it would be 2.

any help is appreciated


Please tell us which back-end data store you are using, since the query types
Grafana can use are dependent on that.



Hi Antony,

I am using Prometheus as database. Or do you mean something else?