Boxplot support in K6 output

Hi, im currently working with a stress testing, in order to generate a better report of the result I set in options the 25 and 75 percentils to generate a boxplot to visualize in a graphic way the results but i cannot find a way to do it without drawing it in a paper. Theres a way to export the raw data to csv and let Excel generate the boxplot?

try this:

I already try to export csv but the file that generates its to overload of data, I will try to do it again in order to see if I get another result

Yeah the csv output is sub optimal size wise, i believe there’s some plans around trimming it.

you could use trend metrics to write extra data to the file and then post process with grep on the command line and use the output to import into excel.

I believe grafana has a plugin that may do it but looks super complicated. javascript - Continuous axis for multiple boxplots of duration data with Plotly in Grafana - Stack Overflow