Blue horizontel line on the widgets

Hi I recentely upgraded to version 9.5.1 on windows and I’m seeing blue horizantel loading lines now occassionally. Is there some way to turn those off, they’re kind of disctracting? Or is there some way to avoid them?



Sorry but we do not have access to your monitor so kind of hard to see, jedi mind powers at low level today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He is referring to the refresh animation, before it had 2 circular arrows on the corner, now It is a blue line like a “comet” passing thru…

I think you can disable it here: Configure feature toggles | Grafana documentation, but seems that the new UI is here to stay so better get used to it.

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Got it, thanks for the quick replies

Everything else looks great so I don’t want to disable the new ui look/feel but just disable the refresh animation if possible…