Bitlength issues on integer multiselect variable


I have a dash board where I want to filter influxdb data based on a integer id tagfield.

In my dropdown I have the selectable options: 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,21,23,35

If I select 10-15 in any combination everythings works as expected.
Also 21 and 23 can be combined together and 35 alone also offers results.

However as soon as I combine 10-15 and 16, or 10-15 and 21, or 21 and 35 I get no data and query inspector is not even recognizing and displaying a request anymore.

here my query giving correct results as long as i dont mix the mentioned groups:
SELECT “position” FROM “mqtt” WHERE (“topic” = ‘foo/bar’) AND (“class”=2) AND (“type”=$errortype) AND $timeFilter

If i check query inspector this is what grafana makes out of it after inserting dash vars, and i did create an other panel with an analog manual query:
This one still gives nice results:
SELECT “position” FROM “mqtt” WHERE (“topic” = ‘foo/bar’) AND (“class”=2) AND (“type”=(10|11|12|13|14|15) AND $timeFilter
This one fails:
SELECT “position” FROM “mqtt” WHERE (“topic” = ‘foo/bar’) AND (“class”=2) AND (“type”=(10|11|12|13|14|15|16|23|35) AND $timeFilter

Now my conclusion is that as long as i have integers representable in the same bitlength (10-15 => 5bits) but as soon as bitlength varies (23 => 5bits, 35 => 6bits)
it doesnt work anymore.

I tried with ${errortype:pipe} but thats actually what grafana already does by default

Anything I can do?