Best way to show TopN of value


I’m trying to find the best panel to show Top N of a metric.
So far I only get decent result with Table Panel, which is operative, but nothing fancy…

Is there a way to show TopN value in a PieChart Panel or Graph Panel?

what I’ve tried so far → Piechart

But in influxDB, the query is OK, it returns 3 values…

SELECT top(“max”,host_name,3) FROM(SELECT max(“value”) FROM “metric_memory_usage” WHERE time >= now() - 7d GROUP BY “host_name”)
name: metric_memory_usage
time top host_name

1561612600000000000 1099724640 wocudevel
1561973768000000000 85970408 wocu-demos
1561973777000000000 85970504 bgp-re

With Graph Panel I get this:

But If i want to limit TOP N…

To be continued…
(will upload another image in next message)

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(…following my previous msg)

It shows all values together like in Piechart panel.


Thanks in advanced.

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Hi! @exit2escritical did you find a way of doing it without the table panel? I have the same “problem”

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