Bar graph with 2 different time ranges simultaneously

Hi there! I’ve been struggling some time to create a bar graph for hourly prices typically for hours belonging to the last two days. At the same time, I would like to have the latest 30 days average for the same measurement displayed. I’ve been playing around with Graph (Old) and Time series with different results. Whatever time range I select for the graph I always want to show the 30 days average simultaneously as a light shade. In my efforts I have created a second query but I guess that I’m not doing it right. I don’t have the skills to find out how it should be done. Currently, I have this code for my second query is SELECT mean("value") FROM "My_Measurement" WHERE time >= now() - 30d and time <= now() GROUP BY time(29d) fill(previous) but it’s not showing the average that I intended. Instead it shows some strange “min” value. Please have a look at the image.

Anyway, I’d like to ask you if what I want to achieve is possible or not and also if there is some working sample query or instruction that I can use as a starting point.