Bar chart not showing the correct hight - bug?

Hello, I use a bar chart to show always the latest value of a time series, the time series is located in an influxDB. That looks like this:

The values at the top of the bar charts are correct. The bar chart height for the monthly energy diagram (orange) seem to be correct. The bar chart height for the yearly energy diagram (green) doesn’t seem to fit for the bar “grid feed”, the bar has to be much higher.

I don’t see what I have configured differently for these two diagrams.

The left definition is for the bar chart which is working correctly, the right for the wrong bar chart. B is each time for energy B bar which is correct in both cases and C shows for the right definition the problematic definition (grid feed).

Anyone an idea what is going wrong or how I can find out what might be wrong? Where can I open a bug report if that is considered a bug in the software?

Thanks, G.