Azure Pipeline - Script Name issue

Hi Team,
I am running the K6 load test using shell script. For example, the command looks like below
sh ./ <ENV_NAME> <API_NAME> .
In file, I wrote the script like below
k6_test=‘k6 run -e ENVNAME=$1’ -e PROJECT=$2’ -e APINAME=$3’ -e USERS=$4’ -e TEST_TIME=$5’ ./perfAPITestScript.js’

I am able to run the test successfully in my local machine without any issues. Now, I am trying to run the test in Azure pipeline. I created 2 yaml files (one for providing the value to shell script and another one execute the shell script). I am able to see the user input values in azure pipeline logs. However, the script name “./perfAPITestScript.js” is throwing an error.

Did anyone face this issue earlier? Any help/suggestion is much appreciated.

Hi @satheeshpandianj this still seems like you have included windows end of line symbols in the sh file or something like that.

Thanks @mstoykov . You are right. There are few carriage return values embedded in my shell script as I opened it in notepad. After removing those carriage return values, it is working as expected. Thank you again.