Automatic generate dashboards with the output of query

I am using Grafana v8.0.4, and we are using Grafana to present a list of defects of the fleet of vessels which are stored in a SQL database.

This dashboard is presented on a television.

Because we have lots of data to show, it does not fit on the screensize. On top of that, there is no option to scroll through the list.

So I was thinking, is there a way in Grafana to generate dashboards automatically?
For example, I create a variable in Grafana with type Query. The query (and variable) output, is a list of vessels which are having a defect on board. The results will be constantly changing, so I cannot hard code this.

Can I generate dashboards with the outcome of that query?

Fixed it by myself

I created a seperate table in the database which will update the date and time when the vessel is shown after the dashobard is shown.