Automatic focus in time series graf, after migration to Grafana 9

Hi all, please advise.
After switching to Grafana 9 we have to abandon the Graf old visualization. After switching to the timeseries visualization the chart does not autoamtically approach the low values.

For example:
I have a CPU which currently consumes 5%, but the Y axis is up to 100, hence the slight excursions are not visible.
Is there any way to solve this after the new way?


Hi @LivingLegend,

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Can you please provide us with some more information:

  • What was the previous version of Grafana you were using before upgrading to ver. 9?
  • What datasource you are using for generating this graph?

Hi, the old version was 8.x and now I’m using 9.0.0. The primary source is Zabbix, but other sources have this problem too. For example Azure sources.

It looks like the time series graph cannot be focused when the values are small. I haven’t figured out how to set up this feature. In the old Graph(old) view, this was happening automatically.