Async dashboards - access to templating variables

Hello everyone,

i am using the example script “scripted_templated.js” from grafana to create dashboards.
In that script i am using a templated variable “subService”, to get all values from a specific part of the metric.

For example the following metric:$subService.value
My variable “subService” can be “pl” or “rta”.

This is working great so far.

Now i would like to access the variable “subService”.

The reason for that is that I want to find out which unit I have to set on the y-axis (“pl” is measured in percent and “rta” in milliseconds for example).

I found out, that you should use async dashboards for this scenario (
However i am not sure how to achieve this, as the documentation of the example script “scripted_async.js” is not very helpful for me and i can’t find anything on this forum for my problem.

Can someone give me an example on how i can access the template variables with async dashboards?

So far i got this and i just don’t know how i can access my template variable in JS:

return function(callback) {

var subServiceQuery = '*';
  dashboard.templating = {
    list: [
        includeAll: true,
        name: 'subService',
        query: subServiceQuery,
        refresh: 1,
        type: 'query',
        datasource: 'graphite'

    method: 'GET',
    url: '/'
  .done(function(result) {

      title: 'Chart',
      height: '300px',
      panels: [
          title: seriesName + ' - ' + '$subService',
          type: 'graph',
          span: 12,
          fill: 1,
          id: rows,
          linewidth: 2,
          nullPointMode: "connected",
          repeat: "subService",
          targets: [
              'target': target
          seriesOverrides: [
              alias: '/random/',
              yaxis: 2,
              fill: 0,
              linewidth: 5
          tooltip: {
            shared: true

    // when dashboard is composed call the callback
    // function and pass the dashboard


Many thanks.