Assign lat+lon to telegraf ping and place on geomap

Hi there,

after spending hours on the net, trying to find a hint for my “problem”, I am finally here :wink:

I would like to use the geomap with my icmp values, I am inserting into influx (flux) via telegraf.
I unerstood that I need lat+lon for each icmp sensor, but I am not sure, how to achieve this. I was able to import a csv file into influx with a simple column layout, but how can I now assign the coords to an icmp value.
The telegraf ping returns the IP Adress. Each IP is located at a certain location (I know where).

Here the csv test file I am using


I have also tested the CSV, but the Layer1 Marker cannot find any numeric values

Many thanks in advance!

I was able to fix a few things, but still strugling to visualize the telegraf ping values on the map:

How can I assign now the coords to the influx ping host ?

I complete discarded the CSV approach, also because nobody had any idea so far.

I now found an option inside influx to create variables and to map the data to an existing table.
But I am always running into the following error:

Here my table which I am inserting via telegraf function:

and here my variable

Anybody an idea why this is not working? Is this possible at all?

Probably going to solve this on my own…
I managed to get one step further:

But I am not able to querry this inside grafana. Are the new rows (lat&lon) written to the db?
It looks like grafana is not aware of my created variable v.geo_data