API To Create a Dashboard Without Adding it to the Database

Is there a way to create a temporary Grafana dashboard for a single user? One that can be created programatically but isn’t added to the database, persists for only the users session and doesn’t require admin privileges to create?

I’ve got an interesting use-case where my data source has a lot of information that can’t be brought in from DataSources in Grafana (for example, my system knows the mapping between integers and text strings for enumeration data, the units for measurements etc.). For that reason, it’s much better for the user to create the dashboard from my web application.

But it also has a LOT of assets. Users won’t want to create unique dashboards for each and every asset - they’d prefer to generate a custom dashboard each time they want to interact with a specific asset.

Does Grafana have anything I can use?

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Hello Steven,

I was searching for something and i found this article, could this be of any help to you.

Creating dashboards as code section in the article.


Hmmm…unfortunately that creates permanent dashboards, not temporary ones.

Oh well, it was a good try. Hopefully similar functionality gets looked at in the future.

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