API. Please add link on alerts for api-prometheus-alerts for next releases


I try to migrate from “old” alert manager to new.

In old version api we can see field UR:
http://grafana.example.site/api/alerts (old)

"id": 1,
"dashboardId": 86,
"dashboardUid": "000000038",
"dashboardSlug": "gd",
"panelId": 1,
"name": " alert",
"state": "no_data",
"newStateDate": "2022-09-11T16:31:19Z",
"evalDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"evalData": {
"noData": true
"executionError": "",
"url": "/d/000000038/gd"

We haven’t this field for

Could you please add this field in the next release?

Thank you.

Of course, I can use http://grafana.example.site/d/W7q0RkImk?viewPanel=15
But I’m not sure you won’t remove it in future releases.