Annotations period not working with UTC

Currently I am using the open-source version of Grafana v10.2.0. Running in a docker container in my Synology NAS.
I am using Grafana dashboards to visualize metrics from my domotics hub (Homey) which are available in a mySQL database on the same NAS. Crucial for me are the annotations (period/region) as they provide the context. This context is also provided by my hub by creating Annotations with begin time and end time.
To make my annotations independent of daylight saving, I used the UNIX_TIMESTAMP() for storing these begin and end dates. What now happens is that the begin date is correctly interpreted by Grafana, but the end date is always interpreted as an old date time e.g. 1970-01-20 16:25:03.

So both dates are stored in the same way, the Annotations query used is “SELECT tsNowStart as time,tsNowEnd,Title,tsEnd,Teggs,idAnnotations FROM HomeyDWH.tblAnnotations”.

How can I enforce Grafana that also the tsNowEnd is intepreted correctly ?