Annotation to mark when uptime goes to zero?

I am only assuming an annotation is what I want here. But basically we have a dashboard with various graphs about a jvm service. One graph has the uptime of the service. When that uptime goes to zero, something bad has likely happened :slight_smile: . We want to create a vertical bar on all of the graphs when this happens so that it is easier to see what was happening just before it.
I tried creating an annotation with query like so

SELECT up-time-ms as uptime FROM "jvm-metrics.up-time-ms" WHERE ("server" =~ /^$server$/ AND "service" =~ /^$service$/) AND uptime > 50 AND $timeFilter

(I used 50 instead of 0 just for testing purposes)

And I can’t get anything to show up.
Clearly I don’t understand how this works… but real examples are hard to find it seems.