Annotation Query, select multiple fields as tags


I am new to the annotation queries but understand that the main fields are event, event stop, text, and tags.

I am querying a ms sql database for event data to display as annotations in grafana. My query works as expected but I am only able to select one field as the tags type. When I attempt to select two fields as the tag type the query crashes as a 400 error.

My query below works as expected but I would really appreciate if someone had syntax or a method for selecting more than one column to produce more the than one tag

m.event_start as time,
m.event as text,
m.siteid as tags

I have tried (), , {}, AND, &, and nothing has worked so far.

Hi @reisenrich1,

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Did you already check the documentation regarding it i.e.

It should be possible to select 2 tags. For e.g. I use a test case and I was able to create multiple tags which got saved.

Also found more examples in the Documentation for Annotations (it is for MySQL but should be compatible with MSSQL) where you have to define the Annotation Query via Dashboard => Settings => Annotation => Select the MSSQL Datasource and define the query:

Let us know if this helps.