Annotation: Issue with variable name contains "$"

Good day!
I use a query to set up Annotation:
SELECT * from SysEvents WHERE “eventSource” = ‘$ model_uuid’ AND $ timeFilter
where “$ model_uuid” - is a variable that in InfluxDB contains the symbol “$” in its name.
As a result, I get an error on the graph:
Annotation Query Failed
If the request does’t specify a variable, but an explicit parameter, for example:
SELECT * from SysEvents WHERE “eventSource” = ‘predictiveModel$111111’ AND $ timeFilter
That’s Ok.
Please help me to solve my problem!

Try changing the variable in grafana to [[variable]] instead of $variable.

The symbol “$” is added to the variable automatically with it’s created. If change the variable in the request to:
[[$ model_uuid]] or $[[model_uuid]] - a similar error