An unexpected error happened in IE for Editor Role

I created user account with Editor Role. I understand that Editor Role can edit and change time range. But unexpected error occurred in IE and it’s ok in Firefox. How do I do can edit in IE?

Have you read this. @pyoneeisan

Permission levels:

  • Admin : Can edit and create dashboards and edit permissions.
  • Edit : Can edit and create dashboards. Cannot edit folder/dashboard permissions.
  • View : Can only view existing dashboards/folders.

Seems like you have a similar problem . Have a look on this issue.

Editor can edit in Firefox browser. but cannot edit in IE browser. is anything needed to do in IE browser?

First try this on another browser if its functional then you will be sure about it that how we can make any change for IE browser. Hope so this will help. You just need to open url on any other browser.