Always show a Name in single-stat panel (even when 'no data')

I’m trying to create an overview-dashboard that shows the status of a fairly large number of stations that we’re monitoring.
I’m using single-stat panels for this, that are listening to the ‘last’ of a Status int variable. Based on this variable, the tiles change color. (1 = okay, 2 = warning, etc)
It’s also possible that a station is down, and sends no data. In that case, the tile should turn grey.

My challenge is the following: I want the tiles to show the name of the station at all times (only color should change).
If I set Text Mode to ‘Name’ this works fine when data comes in. The station name is shown.
If I set Text Mode to ‘Value’ (or ‘Name and Value’) this works fine when there is no data. The name is shown, as I can set the station name in the ‘no value’ field.

But if I set Text Mode ‘Name and value’ and data does come in, the tile shows the station name and the integer from the status variable.
If I set Text Mode ‘Name’ and there is no data, the ‘empty’ replacement value is not shown and the tile turns empty.

Basically, to always show the name, I need Text Mode Value in one case, and Name in the other.
I’ve been trying to hack around it with overrides , but so far no luck.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how this can be done?

Did you find a work around for this? I have exactly the same requirement!


I too am struggling with this on Grafana v7.4.3 (010f20c1c8). Is there any chance this is fixed in v8?

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