All my Alert Rules firing into the same contact point - but I have defined 4 contact points

Hello - I look the Basic Tutorial, but I cant find the solution for this:

I Have 4 Folders, Contact Points and some labels.

My alert rule in Folder EZ-Anlagen with contact Point EZ-Anlagen Email “X” - fired alerts over the contactpoint email in EH-Anlagen with email “Y”.

I testet EZ-Anlagen with labels and without labels - but its alway the same Problem → The Email “Y” in Contact point EH-Anlagen got the aletmail - becaus this contactpoint EH-Anlagen is on the top of the list …

My Goal is:

Alert rule in Folder+Contactpoint EH-Anlagen fired on Mailadresse in Contactpoint EH-Anlagen.
Alert rule in Folder+Contactpoint EZ-Anlagen fired on Mailadresse in Contactpoint EZ-Anlagen