Alerts over local network

Hello, I need to send alerts to devices connected over the local network, I would have no web connection, what would the best way to do this?

Thank you

So, you do have a local network, and you want Grafana to send alerts to
devices which are connected on that network, yes?

And, when you say you have “no web connection”, you just mean that this
network is not connected to the Internet, however you do have complete
connectivity between Grafana and the devices which need to receive the alerts?

If that is the case (and if I’ve misunderstood, please provide more details),
I don’t think you need to do anything special for Grafana’s alerts to work as
normal. I’m assuming you have all the necessary local services such as DNS
and mail server operating on this isolated network. The fact that it isn’t
connected to the Internet really makes little difference.



Thanks pooh,so the devices will be connected to the network however there is complete connectivity. It is a very lean application, it’s just a server that will be set up for the occasion and a bunch of raspberry pis + mobile, desktop devices. I am not sure I want to set up a mail server for this.

can anyone explain me this two query

100 / sum(rate(wmi_cpu_time_total{instance=~“3bhs001. "}[5m])) * sum(rate(wmi_cpu_time_total{instance=~"3bhs001. ”, mode=“dpc”}[5m]))

irate(wmi_logical_disk_reads_total{instance=“3bhs001”, volume !~“HarddiskVolume.+”}[5m])

Okay, so let’s look at the question from the other direction, then.

You say you “need to send alerts to devices connected over the local network”.

What sort of devices are those and what mechanisms do they have (what
protocols do they support) for receiving the alerts?


Please open a new topic for a new question.

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They would mostly be mobile devices, tablets, smartphones. I was thinking about push notifications over XMPP, do you think it might work alright?