Alerts not importing, saving as new dashboard, or provisioned from template v9.3.6

Hello, in testing the migration from v7.4.2 to v9.3.6, all of our alerts does not appear loaded/imported.

– In v9.3.6 UI Console, saving an existing dashboard with alerts as a new one, the Alerts are not saved/created with the new dashboard.

– Importing a Dashboard exported from v9.3.6 into another v9.3.6 UI is not importing the alerts associated with that dashboard/json file.

– Deploying a provisioned 9.3.6 or previous 7.4.2 templates, the alerts are not created after deployment/provisioning.

Rolling back to v7.4.2, I found that the alerts are created and provsioned for the steps above. Can someone help confirm this is a bug or if we are doing something incorrectly as it relates to getting the alerts created as part of an existing dashboard?