{alerting} Does the slack integration require images in S3 to be public?

The documentation says:

Be aware that some notifiers requires public access to the image to be able to include it in the notification. So make sure to enable public access to the images. If you’re using local image uploader, your Grafana instance need to be accessible by the internet.

I’m not sure what “some notifiers” refers to, but I’m specifically interested in S3. Do we have to have S3 publicly accessible for images to be posted with the alert (our grafana instances are stored in the same AWS account as our S3 buckets)?


Please read the Slack notifier documentation. If you use the bot integration with a token images will be uploaded to slack and no external image destination needed - please note that each alert in slack will be 2 messages, one with alert title/description and a separate with the image.

If you decide to use the external image destination (s3, google cloud or azure blob storage) then yes the images need to be publicly accessible.