Alert Template for Whatsapp Hook

Hello, everyone:

I’m going to start by making perfectly clear that I’m new at Grafana. I a

I have a working TIG home lab and I’m working on sending Alerts to a whatsapp group.
My lab is working for the following:

  • Detects an alert condition based on Cisco MDT
  • Sends text message to whatsapp group correctly.

My problem:

  • The alert text message is awful and I want to reformat it.

This is how it currently looks:

Value: [ var=‘B’ labels={} value=3 ], [ var=‘C’ labels={} value=1 ]

  • alertname = BGP Alarm Generator
  • Type = BGP
  • description = TEST
  • summary = Session number of Routes is: 3 which is below accepted level. Session is down or Neighbor not sending routes.
    Source: xttp://localhost:3000/alerting/q2sxKoIIk/edit
    Silence: xttp://localhost:3000/alerting/silence/new?alertmanager=grafana&matchers=Type%3DBGP%2Calertname%3DBGP+Alarm+Generator
    Dashboard: xttp://localhost:3000/d/AycU3IIIz
    Panel: xttp://localhost:3000/d/AycU3IIIz?viewPanel=10

What do I need help with:

  • The “Value” field. I want to Show the Router hostname and BGP neighbor_id if possible. If not possible, then at least delete it.
  • I tried creating a template from scratch, but I can’t find how to attach/apply it to the webhook contact point.

Since I’m a rookie in this, any chance one of you has a very basic tutorial on how to do this? I’ve tried reading the documentation, but it’s very hard for me to understand.

Hopefully one of you will be kind enough to point me in the right direction.