Alert Rule - Zabbix Data Source - Unable to populate fields

Grafana v9.3.2. OS: Ubuntu22.0

'*What are you trying to achieve?
Create an alert rule based off of Zabbix plugin as a data source

  • How are you trying to achieve it?
    By going to “New Alert Rule”, selecting Zabbix as the data source.
  • What happened?
    When I select “Zabbix” as my data source while creating a new alert rule, I’m unable to populate any of the fields (Group, Host, Item Tag, etc). It won’t let me type anything in those fields. This used to work. Seems to stop working after upgrading to v9.3.2. Have also updated zabbix plugin to latest version (alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app @ 4.2.10)
  • What did you expect to happen?
    Expected to be able to populate fields and create an alert rule using zabbix as a data source
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I’ve got this same issue in Grafana 9.3.6 with the Zabbix 4.2.10 plugin.
I can create queries in the ‘Explore’ tab so I know the Zabbix datasource is connected properly but when I try to create an Alert, I can’t populate the various fields (Group, Host, Application, Item).

The only work around I’ve found that works at this point is rolling back to Grafana v9.2.8. Zabbix 4.2.10 plugin seems to play nicely with that version.

A co-worker of mine found a work-around. See if this works for you as well. This worked for me using Grafana 9.4.1 and Zabbix plugin 4.2.10
1.) Create a standard dashboard (Dashboards > New dashboard) using Zabbix as the datasource and create a query.
2.) Save the dashboard.
3.) Edit the panel.
4.) Click the ‘Alert’ button
5.) Click the ‘Create alert rule from this panel’ button
6.) You should have a Zabbix alert pre-populated with your query.

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Hi. What do you mean with “Click the Alert button”??? Im using the last available Grafana version and could not find that button while editing (for example) a table pane.

The alert button above the query (next to ‘Query’ and ‘Transform’)